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Selene Windsong

Goes by Sel to her friends. Sel is a powerful Sea Witch and daughter of the Queen of Storms. She has the power to become one of the most dangerous and powerful beings in the history of the world, if she can survive that is. It’s kind of hard to do that when you are the daughter of a pirate queen and part of the largest and most successful Pirate gang/Cult in thousands of years. Like her mother she can walk on water (A gift from the Sirens) and has power over both wind and wave. She can call storms and can Scry just like her mother. Unlike her Mother she learns to Stormwalk. Sel must learn what is expected of her and must stop her half uncle before it is too late or magic may be forever lost to the world. And who knows if it will ever return? To make matters worse she is Chosen of both Selune, the Goddess of the greater moon, love and beauty as well as Chosen of Thune, Goddess of Storms, Magic and Wisdom. Can she survive being the focus of two gods as well as the expectations of her mother?

She is a friend of and eventually “bloodsister” of Alesia Hawke, who goes by Les

Sel can Nightweave but not as good as her blood sister

Strangely her power mix is like a cross between a sea witch and an Isle Witch