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Urban fantasy vs epic fantasy

There seems to be a recent upswing in urban fantasy lately and I thought it would be good to discuss the charms and problems with urban fantasy. Do most of you prefer alternate reality stories in an urban fantasy settings or a magic must be hidden type story. What do you think?

Fiction to the drawingboard.

One of the coolest things about the science fiction genre is thinking about how things will be in the future. This is a useful exercise that leads to actual real world leaps in technology. How do you feel about that? Have you seen any examples? Why do you think this works with Sci-fi and not other genres? And finally why do you think this works? Just some food for thought...


Well the new year is in. Somehow I cant shake the feeling that we are living in the future. But nope everything is the same. Too bad sometimes I think I would like to live in the future.