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Great Books to Try!

These are books I Highly recomend.

Off Armageddon Reef, by David Weber (Safehold Series)

The Way of Kings, by Brandon Sanderston (Stormlight Archive)

To Say Nothing of the Dog, Connie Willis

The lost Fleet : Dauntless, Jack Campbel/ John G Hemry

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A Quick look at some of the Sci-Fi Books I am working on. 


A family that makes a living exploring the stars, looking for artifacts of ancient races now extinct, is invited across unfriendly alien territory and into the space of a third, more enigmatic race. Can they trust all the members of their crew--or even their own family? What have these aliens discovered and why this family?

Project Chronos 

When a man who is considered a security risk to the totalitarian regime is scheduled to be Reconstituted, a process that wipes the mind of its victims and implants the image of a perfect citizen, and a clandestine cell of the government recruits him, he gets sent on an epic chase spanning literally centuries--even millennia. Can he survive long enough hopping between different times and still make a difference before his time literally runs out?

Scars of War

A weary warrior burdened by his past settles down on a frontier world and soon finds out that things aren't as they seem on this strange paradise.

Old Glory(tentative)

A Sci-Fi story about a warship and her crew. A young recently promoted commander is deployed to the edge of known space and makes a discovery that may change the fate of the human race...

A quick look at some fantasy books I am working on

Shadow killer(tentative) 

When the empire from the south sows dissent in the north and completely destroys the Kingdom of Kael'Tara, the last free kingdom between the empire and the frigid north of the Normans of Thule, the scion of the Royal House of Kael'Tara is reluctantly forced on an epic journey that spans the whole face of Arniel. Traveling the roads with the Nomadic Ta'nii from the home of the reclusive eastern high elves, to the southern desert of the dark elves, and even the fair isle of Albion or Brettany, the protagonist must solve the mystery of the blood stones before the world is unmade by the witch king Azazael, the Betrayer of Hope...

Dead Truth (working title)

Henry Shew, a Private detective from Chicago down on his luck gets a lucky break, He gets a case right as he needs it, but has he bitten off more then he can chew? Can Henry keep his secret? Will the police believe he's innocent?

fae Born: Return of the Ancients

A girl who was raised among the Fae Is freed from a 36-year imprisonment, but that may not be a good thing as she is now separated from her only protection in a world of Magic, Mayhem, Non-sparkly vampires, and Magic grounding iron. If she can survive falling out of the frying pan into the fire, can she survive the crucible of her heritage and become the woman she was always meant to be?


Archanist Awakening(tentative)

The child of one of the most powerful Archanists in the land is forced to leave home and must go on a journey across the empire. The hero is forced to learn the truth about magic and more particularly about Dark Magic, and may be the only one who can use the Forgotten art (Deep Magic) To stop the return of Dark king Erune