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Henry Shew

Henry Shew is a Private Detective. Formerly with the Military Police in World War II and with both the New York Police department as well as the Chicago Police Department he has extensive Law enforcement experience. Due to some things that happened during the Battle of Normandy Henry has a real dislike for handguns and pistols. It's not that he cant use them or won't it's that they remind him of things he would rather forget. He left the military with honors and a purple heart after having been diagnosed with Shell shock and after an unhealthily short recovery he joined the NYPD and later the CPD. Henry hates having his back to windows or people behind him and will always sit with his back to an internal wall. He carries a revolver he calls "Gretchen", a stage prop really and maintains a concealed carry permit. At home he as a Mosn Nanget mounted on a wall and his favorite a Browning Assault Rifle left over from the war that he keeps in excellent condition hidden in a closet in his room. All these he kept from the war. Henry is a short thin Chinese American and sometimes gets into fights when people mistake him for Japanese.