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Aliandra "Ali" Windwalker: Ali is a Drahk or in th...

Aliandra "Ali" Windwalker:
Ali is a Drahk or in the current tongue a dragon, though she was raised among the Wildings as one of them for her protection. In her true form she is a large hexapedal dragon with Crimson scales and large blue eyes. Because of the way she was raised she is lithe in both forms, though for a dragon she is a little on the thin side. Ali is brave like all her kind, but because she was raised among humans she doesn't have a temperament exactly analogues to other dragons her age. Like a human her age she cares deeply about others, though more for her friends. She is quick to trust others due to her youth and, though she doesn't know it is constantly being kept in the dark by others about her true nature. Ali is one of the most powerful Drahk ever born and is a breed of dragon that was forcibly made extinct by a coalition of other dragons as part of a coup d'état. Ali is a hero, though she doesn't quite realize it herself. Ali is the only one who can come into contact with the Soul Lantern and survive because of her birthright.